Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch video content

When are Instagram Live videos posted to the site?

Live workouts are recorded live, 5 days a week, every weekday at 6:30am EST on Instagram @rachel_fitness and are posted by 7:15am EST; is the only place you can find Rachel’s catalog of signature workouts!

When do Exclusive Workouts get posted to the site?

Exclusive Workout videos are added weekly and contain extra workouts you can do; these are short-form videos comprised of Rachel’s favorite sequences.

How do Treadmill Runs work?

Grab your favourite pair of headphones, play the video and simply listen while you run / walk on your treadmill.

I'm not seeing the latest videos. What do I do?

Depending on your wifi connection, you may need to clear your browser cache following the steps below:

Safari mobile | Safari desktop
Chrome mobile | Chrome desktop
Firefox mobile | Firefox desktop

How to cast videos to your TV

In order to stream/cast your videos to a TV, you can log into your account and cast your browser tab to your TV.