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Let's workout together.

You can start at any level.

  • See immediate results in 30 minutes a day
  • 5 - 30 minute workouts added every week
  • Access to all of Rachel’s content, including all her signature most effective programs, and treadmill runs
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Let's workout together.

You can start at any level.

  • See immediate results in 30 minutes a day
  • 30 minute workouts added every week
  • Access to all of Rachel’s content, including all her signature most effective programs
  • Rachel’s guided treadmill runs
  • Direct video access to rachel + the Rachel Fitness community twice monthly

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What you need for Rachel Fitness

In order to be prepared for every workout on this platform, below is a list of equipment needed for your best results! Remember, you can go up or down from the weighted suggestions, but below are the guidelines. The exact bands used in Rachel's workouts can be purchased here.

Mini band

Mini band

Resistance band

Resistance band with handles



Medium weights

Set of medium weights

Women: 8, 10, 12lbs+
Men: 15, 20, 25lbs+

Heavy weights

Set of heavy weights

Women: 12, 15 or 20lbs+
Men: 25, 30, 35lbs+

Rachel Robinson

I am Rachel.

Rachel’s approach to fitness is not only about changing the body, but really changing the way you feel inside. She focuses more on a feeling and sense of accomplishment – rather than on the body, even though that of course follows when people commit to a healthier lifestyle.


I love the energy and vibe that Rachel brings to every LIVE workout. Her down to earth outlook on exercise, her humour and “real life” workouts (sometimes with her kids running around in the background) taught me that being active didn’t have to be hard.



I’ve been doing Rachel Fitness workouts for over a year since our gyms were closed during lockdown. Her workouts are the best! In just 30 minutes, you get a very effective workout, have fun, and get inspired to keep going. Her energy is contagious and there’s so much variety in the workouts.



I have been working out with Rachel for years so, when the pandemic happened, it was awesome that she immediately started Rachel Fitness. The daily workouts have gotten me into the best shape of my life and the #rachelheads community has become like a second family.



I was hooked and not just on the work out but hooked on Rachel. Her energy, her passion for what she does, and the commitment she makes to this community. The connection is real with her and this like-minded community.



Rachel's workouts are fun, fast and effective. There is nobody better to get you motivated about fitness than Rachel. Thank you Rachel for showing up EVERY day with so much energy and making each workout even better than the last!



I love doing Rachel Fitness! It’s simple yet effective, and you can get a great workout in 30 minutes with simple equipment you have at home. I’m busy so getting to a gym or a class consistently can be a challenge, but, with this 30-minute time commitment, there are no excuses.


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Rachel Robinson Hosts New Workout Series

Beginning on Monday, April 18, MTV’s “The Challenge” champion and fitness professional Rachel Robinson will host a series of video workout classes, posted to the show’s YouTube channel. A new workout, focusing on a specific concentration, will roll out each Monday for six weeks.

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